Project 100k

We (being myself and my buddy Jay) have been working on a fun vision pet project over the past few months. The project started from a little boredom and lots of discussion over wine back in July 2013. We’ve finally got the video done. It demonstrates our vision based localisation system (no GPS) on a car.

The idea is simple, to use the horizon line as a stable feature when performing image matching. The experiments were carried out on the freeway at 80-100 km/h (hence the name of the project). The freeway is just one long straight road, so the problem is simplified and constrained to localisation on a 1D path.

Now without further adieu, the video

We’re hoping to do more work on this project if time permits. The first thing we want to improve on is the motion model. At the moment, the system assumes the car travels at the same speed as the previously collected video (which is true most of the time, but not always eg. bad traffic). We have plans to determine the speed of the vehicle more accurately.

Don’t forget to visit Jay’s website as well !

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