An old thesis sketch

Here’s an amusing sketch I did for one of my thesis chapter back in November 2008. It was captioned “Concept design of augmented reality system using the vision based localisation”. A friend made it comment it looked like a xkcd drawing.


The sketch is pretty crude and funny in hindsight. I originally added it to my thesis to give it an extra “visionary” depth, kind of predicting the future so to speak. I didn’t think anyone would seriously wear such bulky equipment, plus it made you look silly. A few years later Google made this …

That’s a Google streeview trekker. Different application to what I proposed but the design is not far off!

I should keep a record of all my ideas that I dismiss as impractical and ridiculous. Just so on the off chance someone does implemented it successfully I can get all smug and say I thought of it first 🙂 And then get jealous I didn’t captialise on it …

2 thoughts on “An old thesis sketch”

  1. I guess your thesis was published, right ? So it is at least worth as prior art against some inane patent.
    Publishing apparently stupid ideas, even though there is risk of ridicule with hindsight, is one of the best protection from stupid patents.
    I’m not against patents, but I’m against patents on semi-obvious ideas like this.

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