Octave’s amusing fact() function

Using Octave today I was taking a guess at the function for factorial might be fact() only to find this amusing snippet:

— Command:  fact
— Function File: T = fact()
Display an amazing and random fact about the world’s greatest

Running it a few time came up with Chuck Norris equivalent jokes for Richard Stallman:

octave:4> fact

When Richard Stallman executes ps -e, you show up.

octave:5> fact

Richad Stallman's pinky finger is really a USB memory stick. 

octave:6> fact

Richard Stallman discovered extra-terrestrial life but killed them because they
used non-free software.

octave:7> fact

Behind Richard Stallman's beard there is another fist, to code faster.

octave:8> fact

Richard Stallman's doesn't kill a process, he just dares it to stay running.

That’s pretty cute.

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