2nd CNC machine

Proxxon CNC

The second desktop CNC I made. I wanted to build a more accurate and robust machine compared to the first without blowing the budget. I decided to use profile aluminium sourced from a local supplier to ease construction. This stuff is easy to use, almost like playing with legos. The profile has grooves to allow for special mounting pieces to be used, which makes 90 degree joints very accurate and strong. As a bonus it also makes holding down pieces for cutting easier. You can use standard wood clamps, or make your own (like I did).

A video showing the 2nd CNC machine in action!

I’m a bit lazy to go into the construction in detail like with the previous machine, but hopefully these images and their description should be enough to give you a good idea.

Some difference worth mentioning compared to the 1st machine is I’m using a Proxxon tool instead of the Dremel because it has constant torque control. The other important change is adding a fuse box, after burning out a dremel and a previous Proxxon tool …. ouch!

Work area. Similar to the 1st CNC machine. The pic is a bit old. I replaced the 12V PC supply with a dedicated bench power supply.
Proxxon CNC
Front view. A cutting piece held by two wood work clamps.
Proxxon CNC
Z axis with Proxxon tool. I took a shortcut and used linear bushings (copper/brass ring) that slide on the grounded shaft. This saved considerable space and works well. Didn't need any lubricant on the shaft.
Proxxon CNC
Side view
Back view of the Z axis. It slides on two grounded shafts and uses linear bearings and shaft support from some Korean manufacturer. The motor coupling and shaft parts, grey PVC plastic, is all custom made using the 1st CNC machine.
Experimential rail bearings I made. In hindsight, I should have just purchased standard linear bearigs, would have saved me a LOT of time. In fact, I did use some for the Z axis.
Back view. I used a fish tank pump to blow air to clear the cutting area around the tool. The actual nozzle needs more work, it's not pointed directly on the tool bit.
Underneath the cutting table.
3-axis stepper motor controller. This unit can output up to 2.5A per motor. It's some made in China board that I got from Ocean Controls.

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  1. this is awesome. i actually started something similar but have put off finishing it.
    my R2 unit has a bad motivator. but now i am inspired.

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