Hi, welcome to my website! So a little about me … I did my bachelor in Computer Systems Engineering at Monash University and then my PhD in computer vision/robotics/laser scanner at Monash as well. R&D is what I like to do.

My interests varies from time to time, but what I really dig are:

  • Computer vision/graphics
  • Machine learning
  • Engineering in general

Below is a mugshot of myself and my yellow thesis (why yellow? because I can).

My thesis approved as of 20th August 2009! Yellow for the win.



I can be contacted at nghiaho12 @ yahoo.com

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Xin chào anh!
    Em hiện là sinh viên đang nghiên cứu về xử lý ảnh ứng dụng cho cơ khí. Em có thể hỏi anh một số câu hỏi liên quan được không ạ?

  2. Thanks for the stuff you have posted on your website. I have two point cloud data sets of a same joint from two kinect cameras. The cameras are placed with some distance and angle between each other. For finding the rotation component you said wehave to recenter the centroid of the two data sets. How you would do that?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. If you plug in your two point clouds straight into the Matlab/Python code you’ll get rotation + translation as output.

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