Melano Nails

Biggest job done to date, 3 days of cnc’ing!

Biggest and longest job ever. The signed had to be done in 3 stages, MEL, ANO and Nails. Each stage took about 6 hours or more to complete! It was insanely slow and nerve racking. Imagine stuffing up at the very last minute … Material used was MDF and painted over.

3 thoughts on “Melano Nails”

  1. Melano Nails is a horrible business and no one should ever get thier nails, waxing or anything done there ever. Their work is terrible and they should not perform the services they offer because their quality is so poor.
    Also they do not have any standards for hygiene as one of the ladies waxed my friend with no gloves!! Their shellac work is also very bad as mine was peeling only 20 minutes after the work was done.
    My advice is to stay away!

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