Some updates

I’ve been working on the next release of RunSFM to run on a large image set in a reasonable amount of time, instead of what appears to be an ungodly exponential computation time. My plan was to break up the image set into smaller overlapping subsets, run Bundler on each subset in parallel, combine the results together and run PMVS. Sounds great in theory, like most theories, but this venture might be a fail. So far, I’ve got the 3D points from each subset to align up nicely, but the cameras do not! The camera position is probably highly dependent on the sequence of images used. The alternative plan is to run Bundler and PMVS on each subset, then combine the 3D points afterwards. This has a good chance of working, but the camera information will be lost, which might be okay for most applications.

Other than that, I’ve added 2 more tutorial style post in the Notes section, one about finding paths in a directed graph and the other on calculating the Rigid transform between 3D dataset.

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