RunSFM 1.4.0

Released a new version of RunSFM today. Made some improvements to PMVS to use GSL Simplex algorithm when LM fails. This should now produce similar amount of points as the original code. Added optional argument to do sequential matching to only match the last N images, not everything. Useful for video sequences, saves a lot of time.

2 thoughts on “RunSFM 1.4.0”

  1. Hi!

    It’s awesome to see what is happening with Photogrammetry and its numerous applications. I’m trying to apply it to museum work I am doing. As a serious ludite with computers and programming, is there an opensource photogrammetry program that doesn’t require linux and can simply be installed? I’ve tried my best with Bundler, PMVS and CMVS but have had a really hard time of it. Any ideas, point me in the right direction?

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi,

      For a Windows port of Bundler/PMVS/CMVS have a look at: (has my last my modifications, the latest will hopefully be in before the end of the month)

      And also keep an eye on for general news and discussion on photogrammetry.

      I’m working on a new version that makes stitching larger collection of images more feasible. I’ve found Bundler too impractical for anything more than 400 large images or so, because the time required appears to grow exponentially, yikes!

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