Structure from motion using Bundler + CMVS/PMVS

I’ve rolled out my own structure from motion package, called RunSFM, that aims to make it simple to get Bundler and CMVS up and running on Linux. And by simple I mean, a single make command to compile and a single call to to do the entire process, no arguments required. Okay, the catch is you do have to install some packages beforehand, all of which are on Synaptics in Ubuntu 11.04. The uncommon ones I’ve included for convenience.

RunSFM also includes speed optimisations I’ve made, like speeding up PMVS by up to 40% and parallel SIFT extraction and matching. No GPU is used, so most people should be able to use it. I decided not to use SiftGPU for now because I had a test case where it failed to find enough good matches compared to the SIFT binary by David Lowe.

You can check RunSFM out via Computer Vision -> Structure from Motion

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