New markeless augmented reality demo coming soon!

I’ve been working a new markerless augmented reality demo and hope to release it Real Soon. It’s completely CPU code, unlike my first attempt which uses CUDA. So this should make it more accessible to everyone and it runs just as fast, if not faster. The new code is very different to my first demo, with many new improvements and features. To name a few:

  • Multi-threaded system
  • Uses a primitive version of difference of Gaussian features, similar to SIFT but not the same (making it patent free?!). I originally used FAST but found it a bit unreliably with a noisy webcam, which I sadly own.
  • More intuitive parameters for fine tuning. The previous demo had a few unintuitive parameters that I replaced.
  • Uses Irrlicht Engine for display. This allowed me to add some nifty game model, lighting, and animation to make the demo more interesting. Not only that, it’s cross platform!
  • Works with OpenCV 2.3.x
  • Clean up of code and bug fixes. Valgrind used to check for errors.

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